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Help linking VASM object code

   xref   _LVOSuperState
   jsr    _LVOSuperState(a6)
I'm having trouble getting VASM to create an object file that can be linked.

c:\vasm>vasmm68k_mot c:\x.asm -Fhunk -o c:\a.o
vasm 1.6b (c) in 2002-2013 Volker Barthelmann
vasm M68k/CPU32/ColdFire cpu backend 1.3e (c) 2002-2013 Frank Wille
vasm motorola syntax module 3.4a (c) 2002-2013 Frank Wille
vasm hunk format output module 2.3 (c) 2002-2012 Frank Wille
CODE(acrx2):               4 byte
1.WinDH_C:> phxlnk a.o LIB:amiga.lib TO x
Unknown XREF type in unit "c:\x.asm" of "a.o" !
1.WinDH_C:> blink FROM a.o TO x LIB LIB:amiga.lib
Blink - Version 6.7 - 15 October 1986
Copyright © 1986 The Software Distillery.  All Rights Reserved.
235 Trillingham Lane, Cary NC 27511 - BBS: (919)-471-6436
Error 446: Invalid symbol type 138 for _LVOSuperState
1.WinDH_C:> alink a.o TO x LIB LIB:amiga.lib
Amiga Linker Version 2.32
Copyright (C) 1986 Metacomco plc.
All rights reserved.
Linker error: invalid type 0000008A for "4" in file "a.o"
 - linking abandoned
1.WinDH_C:> slink FROM a.o TO x LIB LIB:amiga.lib 
Slink - Version 6.50
Copyright (c) 1988-1993 SAS Institute, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
Error 446: Invalid symbol type 138 for _LVOSuperState
If I create an object file with PhxAss, C.A.P.E., asm, ( who knows how many others? ) then all the linkers work.
Vlink was the only one that could successfully link VASM object.
How do I make VASM object code compatible with old linkers?

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