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Originally Posted by acidbottle View Post
The balance patch was spot on for me, though do appreciate some folk think it was too easy (nutters) in the first place. The difficulty balance is always going to be a no win situation as gamers are all at different skill levels. My crappy scores on the EAB game competitions are a testimony to that, though for sure I'm worse at games than I used to be haha
No joke, I had one guy on hating on and giving the game 1 star only because it's so easy that he went through it on his first try with one life.

But then, I think the sweet spot of a game should be in a place where good gamers get through the game in one or two days, intermediate in a week, and bad players at least having a chance for advancing a few levels into the game and having fun.

This is not the arcades anymore where you want people to throw as many quarters as possible into your cabinet...
In that vein I kind of found it funny that a guy who reviewed the game on Lemon was sad that there are no "continues" in the game. I mean, you can easily get a lot of lives in the game (I think at start of level 6 you can have as many as 11 or 12 lives if you don't die). That's imo a superior mechanic compared to imitating throwing money into a cabinet on your home computer.

@predseda: that's sad to hear. Where did you read this?

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