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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
let's face it, most of pre 1990 games are crappy 16 color ST or C64 ports. They suck

It's like playing all music CDs in the world and saying that only a few are good. That's probably true

the video is interesting.Yes, there are a lot of crap titles. And only a few good ones, but those few, we're talking hundreds of them so that's already enough
I recognise several public domain titles from that video, so non-commercial, and the quality control obviously wasn't there.

And I must admit sometimes that the games I still play aren't many. Let's not make lists again, but I can't stand to play a lot of games that I could play 30 years ago. Even if they are "good". Just too bored for that.

Let's face it: there are no newcomers on the amiga machine. I mean: who on his/her twenties is going to get interested in the Amiga, Atari or other computer from 30 years ago just NOW?
Um, a retro gamer who hasn't tried them yet?
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