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All parities ok - except Space.
Space is still the same (gives N with my program and E with Term4.8).

I'd say we both interpret the flags the same way - right?

So maybe windows specific part for Space?

This is the logfile entry for a transmission requesting 8S1
28-266 [2286 227-021]: uaeserial.device:1 BAUD=31250 BUF=1024 BITS=8+1 RTSCTS=0 PAR=0 XO=000000

Strange - i've put printf's into my switch-case for all branches and i do see the expected output.
So parity S should set SEXTF_MSPON (only) in my program.
How can we get parity none then?

Maybe got an idea:
If SEXTF_MSPON is different between my definition and yours, you'd not find that flag set when i want to set parity S. Since MSPON is the only flag i'd set, you'd think it's N requested.
Term4.8 might set SERF_PARTY_ON also (although it's set automatically). Missing SEXTF_MSPON but registering SERF_PARTY_ON, you'd think it's E requested.
But why would parity M work then? It shouldn't - so forget it...

It shouldn't? Not true... It could, but only if the order of SEXTF_MSPON and SEXTF_MARK is reversed.
For parity M i'd set both flags. Wouldn't make a difference if you'd interpret the flags the other way round.

Just for the record:
for me

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