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Question about Pipes in WinUAE.

Hello. @Toni Wilen: sorry for lame question, but is it Windows PIPES are always single access? Or it is any way to access to "\\.\pipe\WinUAE" PIPE from other process if that pipe is already opened/created by some process? So always ERROR_PIPE_BUSY will be returned? As far as maybe you remember you gave me C or C++ example code with your small ipctester. I lost file with source code, but I saved executable. And it can only connect only if pipe is not in use. Is there any way to check for example WinUAE's debugger while sending commands to debugger and read output while typing specified commands in other program? Not exacly in the same time, but without Closing Handles? And I tried by reversing WinUAE opcodes and changing nMaxInstances parameters in CreateNamedPipeW function from to for example 3a but that wont help. And I edited binary, from low C/C++ knowledge reason and recompile winuae source code by myself. Thank you in advice for reply. And like always - sorry for my bad English.

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