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Yeah, when compared to your example games they look the same. I was looking at Defender Of The Crown before, maybe that's why.

Like I said, I have very little experience with UAE emulators. I use them once in blue moon to quickly check something, but not play games, so I have never messed with gfx settings. So, I'm not sure how autoscale works, or how to achieve that proper-AR/maxed-out effect I mentioned (though it's a topic for another thread.)

I asked about 1080p vs 1440p because I think I've heard somewhere that CRT shaders might differ when used in different resolution, in regard to some other emu (Retroarch or MAME, not sure). Could be that I misread it though.

Overall, great job, I will probably use this config (scanlines/vmask one) when checking stuff out from now on, because I can't stomach the raw naked pixel look.
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