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Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
Ok, that helped.

Interesting stuff, the shadowmask looks really good. Overall it's a bit blurry, but that might be down to my setup or different shaders. Do you think it might look different because I'm on a 1440p monitor?

Also, what FS UAE basic video settings should I use to achieve proper aspect ratio and max screen size?
Did you checked the screenshots related to the presets? do them look different from what you get on screen?
I use a 1080p and no particular settings, apart from the switch i wrote in the first post:
* line doubling enabled: line_doubling = 1
* low resolution disabled: low_resolution = 0

Also, i explicitely wrote the shader to look good with fs-uae autoscale feature (so that if you like scanlines they do not "dephase" too much)
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