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Made a new shader for FS-uae.

First post here, so Hello everyone!.

In latest days i've been playing with glsl and shaders.
I never used them before, nor i wrote any shader before, so probably i did some mistakes/unoptimized code, did something already existed, whatever, i don't know.

Anyway, by inspecting other's people code, i came up with a shader that looks good to me; also is very configurable,and i think it is a nice toy to play with.

It has support for several features:
* non linear scanlines on original coordinates
* non linear screenlines on screen coordinates
* custom rgb masks with(out) offset
* glowing,haloing,blooming
* gamma correction
* saturation correction
* alternate blanking (like uae's feature)
* play nicely with FS-UAE's autoscale function

Also, it is important to know that it is meant to be used with:
* line doubling enabled: line_doubling = 1
* low resolution disabled: low_resolution = 0

I've set the default values to match my real arcade crt monitor as much as i can on a 1080p, you may have much better results tuning it for 4k, of course .

Please, share your impressions, ideas, improvements...

Complete gallery for version v1.35:

Some Examples:

Latest version is 1.40, not (yet) made any screenshot, you can download it here:

In 1.40, files are named with the scheme:
where 1 and 0 means that that feature is present or not, "string" describes how that feature has been configured.
...means that you get no scanlines, full vertical mask, darklines painted with an offset, halo and not bloom.

Have fun!

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