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Arrow Leaderboard Rules and Hall of Fame

Welcome to Leaderboard

The Concept

Every month two games are played. At the end of the month all players receive badges that reflect their scores, achievements and participation. Collect as many badges as you can to track your accomplishments. Keep playing Amiga games forever and enjoy yourself.

How do I play?
Use either a real Amiga or an emulator and post a screenshot of your score or achievement. If you need help getting setup ask in the game thread and someone will answer your question. All the important rules are at the start of each thread and it's very easy to get involved.

What Can We Play?
All Amiga games can be played. Either for high scores or played collaboratively to beat the game, such as with adventure games. We can also play using different scoring systems if wanted or needed. If you have something unusual in mind, ask in an active thread to see what's popular.

Do I have to play every game?
No. Leaderboard is designed for you to drop in and join us whenever you want. Play as many or as few games as you like. All badges are permanent. Keep collecting them in your own time.


Voting for the following months games begins on the 5th of each month and ends on the 20th of each month. You need to get your vote in by 23:59 (UK Timezone) on the 20th. Please be aware of international time differences.

The previous 40 games played cannot be voted for. A list will be provided.

Vote for up to 5 games. In any order.

Each vote for a game gives it 10 points. The two games with the most points will be played.

In the event of a tie, the game that received all its points first will be played.

If you want to change your vote please quote your original post and write a new vote beneath. This makes it easier to count.

If you want to play a game which has an unfair scoring system due to random elements or re-spawning enemies, ask about it in the voting thread. Everyone can discuss ideas to make a fair way to play it competitively or opt to play it collaboratively.

For very long or multi event games we might decide to only play part of the game. Everyone is welcome to voice an opinion on this in the voting threads so a consensus can be reached before the round starts.

Game Rounds

Two games are played in each round.

Game rounds last for 1 calendar month. Scores and screenshots must be submitted by 23:59 (UK Timezone) on the last day of the month.

For games with fair scoring we play for the best score but sometimes it is necessary to have special rules and these will always be in the first post.

To submit a score post a screenshot of it and write the score nearby.

When playing to beat a game post a screenshot of the ending as proof.

All scores and screenshots submitted must have been played/achieved during that month.

Leaderboard runs all year. 12 rounds. 24 games.


You can win a variety of badges based on your achievements and the position of your score for each game.

= 1st
= 2nd
= 3rd
= 4th-7th
= 8th+

There are four special badges available.

= Adventurer
For taking part in a game without scoring. Screenshot required.

= Beat the Game
For finishing a game. Screenshot required.

= True Contender
For any player that submits a screenshot for every game in 12 consecutive rounds.

= Player of the Year
For the player that comes 1st in the most games in a single year.

The badge collections continue into infinity. Keep earning badges to show off your prowess.

The Rules of Play

If you cheat you will get banned. And people won't like you. Leaderboard largely runs on trust and there is no reason to cheat. Remember, it's just for fun.

When playing a score run:
  • Do not use save states, trainers, passwords or any other cheats.
  • Do not use continues unless otherwise stated in the game thread.
  • No infinite score leeching. Some games may require special rules to avoid this.

For the Beat the Game badge:
  • So long as you are not submitting a score, you can use continues, passwords, and in-game saves. Play the game as originally intended.

When practising a game:
  • You may use any trainers, passwords, cheats and save states you like.

Auto-fire is allowed.

Modern controllers and the remapping of keys is allowed.

If you suspect someone of cheating please report it to the Leaderboard moderator - Biscuit. Do not make accusations in the game thread.

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