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Launching console controlled selector for FS-UAE configuration before starting FS-UAE

Originally Posted by malko View Post
What about a simple console input ?
(maybe with a timer ? - but not essential).

Could you please give a go and, if working, share it ?
Solved the issue with "dialog" missing by installing Debian 9.4 on a virtual computer and compiling "dialog" (static) from source.. So now I got my menu running on the bootable USB without modifying the image..

Cannot find any good place to put my call to the config-selector script without rebuilding..

First option: /etc/rc.local, which calls /amilator/ (both of which are part of the image, so these are no options without rebuilding)

Second option: /amiga/live/, which is called from /amilator/, but the problem here is the "&", which detaches the command and continues with the rest of /amilator/

Last option, and this will not work either (because of other reasons explained below), is /amiga/configs/host-props because it is called many times from other scripts as well as from my selector script (workaround is possible).

The current reason for failing to display the menu before launching FS-UAE, is that there is no tty to put the menu in.
While searching for a solution (this is not exclusive for the "dialog" ncurses menu, but needed for all output to the console before logging in) I found this:

.. which puts me back to the need to modify the image ..

Maybe something for @nobody or @Winloze99, to make systemd call a script residing on the user-accessable part of the USB-stick (if that script exists ofcourse, like in /amiga/configs or better /amiga/live).
.. and while modifying the image .. add sshd to it (allow root login or create a separate user "amilator") ..

My work so far (free to use/modify/get-this-going):
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