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Work (stuck) in progress...

Originally Posted by malko View Post
@AMIGASYSTEM : Is there a way to define several config ?
By example : A500, A1200 and make a choice at that stage of the boot process?
Did this experiment today...

Built some shell script that uses "dialog" to show a curses menu to select the configuration (scans for .fs-uae files in /amiga/config) to be used..

The problem is that the "dialog" package is not installed by default in the USB-image, and installing it requires two additional packages (just tried to pick some of the files "dialog" binary + the two missing libs, but it required some more files)..

It should be possible to unpack the squashfs file (which I have done), add the packages, and repack, but I wanted to avoid this being a new release of the USB-image. My goal was to make it as easy as possible, just add my selector script, and add a line in "live/" to run it...

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