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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
I did some tests and the sound works, see small video attached:
It is not working for me due to my phone extension being detected as sound card.

Originally Posted by malko View Post
@AMIGASYSTEM : Is there a way to define several config ?
By example : A500, A1200 and make a choice at that stage of the boot process?
That is question for EAB user nobody or OP of this topic. I am wondering the same, as it would be great to have A500, A1200 and A4000 as separate configuraitons.

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
I have a lot of experience on PCs, i have managed hundreds of PCs and User in my company network for many years.
Good for you!

Back to topic, on one of old dual core dells it does not work (only 1 GB of memory), even after modifying ram to 64MB. I will somewhere in box stored the same model with 2GB that I will test one of those days. On my old gaming computer it works great, sound, ClassicWB P96 working, tried some games (AGA) and I could not figure out why my mouse does not work for Cannon Fodder (WHDLoad). Joystick works just fine for Banshee and Aladdin. Even wireless and browsing from Amiga worked fine.

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