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Originally Posted by adrianpbrown View Post
l:\catfish\amiga\rubyfire\tools\bin\vlink -bamigahunk -x -Bstatic -Cvbcc -nostdlib -M "Build/main.o" "Libs/Catfish/Build/System.o" "Libs/Catfish/Build/System_c.o" -L"../../tools/bin/targets/m68k-amigaos/lib" -lvc -o blah.exe

  main.asm:  GameCode 0(38), Variables 0(18) hex
  System.asm:  Framework 0(dc), Variables 0(3c) hex
  Libs\Catfish\Src\System.c:  CODE 0(8) hex
Your code has no reference to vclib at all. Otherwise you would read on top of the map file something like "vclib (path/file.c) needed due to _xyz". So you could also choose to drop -L.. and -lvc at this point.

Section mapping (numbers in hex):
  00000000 GameCode  (size 38)
           00000000 - 00000038 main.asm(GameCode)
Looking good. This is your first section in the executable, so the first instruction from main.asm(GameCode) starts it.

It looks like it doesnt recognise the section details of the .asm file as code (Although that could just be the actual name).
It's just the section name. The C-compiler calls the code-section "CODE", while you called it "GameCode" and "Framework".

Note, that the linker will not merge sections with different names and/or types (unless specifying the -sc option to merge all code, or -sd to merge all data/bss). This might be important if you want to use PC-relative references between your code parts.

The start of the main.asm is

                            SECTION        GameCode, CODE_F

                            jsr            _SomeFunction
As to the startup file, hard to say other than i like to know exactly whats going on.
Is this not the first instructon executed in your executable? It should, according to the map file. I'm not sure whether I understand what your actual problem is.

(Side note: There is never a reason to use code_f instead of code, except you don't want anybody to run your code on a Chip-RAM-only system.)

Originally Posted by adrianpbrown View Post
I pass one of the asm->.o files as the first object code to the linker but still it insists on putting the .c->.o file as the startup
What is a ".c->.o" file? Did you mean that System_c.o is the first code in your executable? I cannot believe that.

Im not too fussed about using the standard libraries, its more just using C for functions to try and speed up development a bit (although most will likely be in asm).
This should work fine.
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