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Ahh, that starts to throw more information onto the issue

Assembling:     System.asm
l:\catfish\amiga\rubyfire\tools\bin\vasmm68k_mot.exe -m68000 -Fhunk -linedebug -spaces -phxass -opt-fconst -nowarn=62 -I"../Includes" -I"Includes" -I"Libs/Catfish/Includes" -o "Libs/Catfish/Build/System.o" Libs/Catfish/Src/System.asm
Compiling:      System.c
l:\catfish\amiga\rubyfire\tools\bin\vc.exe +aos68k_win -g -c -I"../../tools/bin/targets/m68k-amigaos/include" -I"../Includes" -I"Includes" -I"Libs/Catfish/Includes" -o "Libs/Catfish/Build/System_c.o" Libs/Catfish/Src/System.c
Assembling:     main.asm
l:\catfish\amiga\rubyfire\tools\bin\vasmm68k_mot.exe -m68000 -Fhunk -linedebug -spaces -phxass -opt-fconst -nowarn=62 -I"../Includes" -I"Includes" -I"Libs/Catfish/Includes" -o "Build/main.o" Src/main.asm
Linking:        blah.exe
l:\catfish\amiga\rubyfire\tools\bin\vlink -bamigahunk -x -Bstatic -Cvbcc -nostdlib -M "Build/main.o" "Libs/Catfish/Build/System.o" "Libs/Catfish/Build/System_c.o" -L"../../tools/bin/targets/m68k-amigaos/lib" -lvc -o blah.exe

  main.asm:  GameCode 0(38), Variables 0(18) hex
  System.asm:  Framework 0(dc), Variables 0(3c) hex
  Libs\Catfish\Src\System.c:  CODE 0(8) hex

Section mapping (numbers in hex):
  00000000 GameCode  (size 38)
           00000000 - 00000038 main.asm(GameCode)
  00000000 Framework  (size dc)
           00000000 - 000000dc System.asm(Framework)
  00000000 CODE  (size 8)
           00000000 - 00000008 Libs\Catfish\Src\System.c(CODE)
  00000000 Variables  (size 3c)
           00000000 - 0000003c System.asm(Variables)
  00000000 Variables  (size 18, allocated 0)
           00000000 - 00000018 main.asm(Variables)

Symbols of GameCode:
  Startup: local reloc, value 0x0, size 0

Symbols of Framework:
  SYS_Takeover: global reloc, value 0x0, size 0
  _SYS_ReleaseWBMessage: local reloc, value 0x6a, size 0
  SYS_DisplayGUIMessage: local reloc, value 0x30, size 0
  _SYS_AllocMemory: local reloc, value 0x86, size 0
  SYS_Release: global reloc, value 0x2a, size 0
  _SYS_GetWBMessage: local reloc, value 0x32, size 0

Symbols of CODE:
  l1: local reloc, value 0x4, size 0
  _SomeFunction: global reloc, value 0x0, size 0

Symbols of Variables:
  _SYSERROR_UnableAllocChip: local reloc, value 0x0, size 0
  _SYSERROR_UnableAllocFast: local reloc, value 0x1e, size 0

Symbols of Variables:
  SYS_Details: local reloc, value 0x0, size 0
It looks like it doesnt recognise the section details of the .asm file as code (Although that could just be the actual name).

The start of the main.asm is

							SECTION		GameCode, CODE_F

							jsr			_SomeFunction
As to the startup file, hard to say other than i like to know exactly whats going on. Im not too fussed about using the standard libraries, its more just using C for functions to try and speed up development a bit (although most will likely be in asm).

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