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VLINK / VBCC / VASM linking order issue

Hi, Ive setup a build system that uses vasm to assemble files, vc/vbcc to compile files and vlink to link them all in amiga hunk format. Im not including the startup.o / mstartup.o as i dont want to use the C code as the initial startup. I pass one of the asm->.o files as the first object code to the linker but still it insists on putting the .c->.o file as the startup even though it is literally just this

int SomeFunction()
int i = 10;
return i;

(Its just a test function for now). Everything suggests that amiga linking should use the first .o as the entry point? Am I doing something wrong? Also i couldnt find the source code to the startup.o/mstartup.o files so i cant alter these to my requirements either

Many Thanks
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