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Nuxelia (playable-demo) (AGA)[unreleased] - "HD install" --> "ADF"

Heya guys,

Following on from this thread: Game unreleased-Nuxelia-

I thought, why should only hard drive users have all the fun... considering how cool this unreleased / playable-demo is?

...been a long while since I did one of these...

So anyway, I've now created a "HD install --> ADF" package

You need to use an AGA configuration with at least 2MB Chip & 2MB Fast RAM; though I just use a 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM configuration...

Not bad considering the hard drive files on a blank .HDF required at least 2MB Chip & 512KB Fast RAM to run...

This release is really for people that:

... Don't have a hard drive.
... Don't know how to extract / install etc. to a hard drive in order to play.
... Use GameBase Amiga.
... Have HxC Gotek hardware (and are named "PortuguesePilot")

You can find the file I created attached here and also in the usual places i.e. The Zone! and also on the EAB file server under the directory "~Uploads/DamienD/HD INSTALL --> ADFS"
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