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OpenMPT or Milkytracker are the best tools of the trade on windows; while OpenMPT let you do the format transition, milky is more limited but is small and has all basic tools you might need;

I don't remember if renoise can export in mod but you have to use 8 bit samples and only four channels max; composing for Amiga -especially for games - is a different paradigm than composing for modern PC indies; you have tight memory and hardware constraints (limited octaves range in example) depending on the target machine and - if the game requires sound effects - you might, despite some sound mixing routines available, use only three channels or maybe just two like this example below.

For samples you can use the collections on Aminet - if you using protracker, or use the wav samples in soundradar once you downsapled it, converted 8 bit and lowered the bitrate (11025/22050 ideal); you can use those in OpenMTP, milkytracker and protracker windows.

The web site of Milkytracker has links to several sample banks too, some in .wav and other in .xi format (fasttracker instrument format, might need some work to disable advanced features)

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