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Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
Well, if it clipboard sharing is disabled altogether, fs-uae shouldn't crash when starting with clipboard_sharing = 1 config entry, but issue a warning to the user, instead.
Of course, I just haven't gotten to it yet. This is all work-in-progress.

Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
I now have tested Cyberstorm PPC OS4.1FE mode. Booting only works with no graphics card enabled. PPC speed is normal here instead of the previous test with OS3.9.

Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
However, the new boot ROM mode making UAE expansions compatible with OS4.x also doesn't work, i.e. directory HD's aren't working in OS4.x mode.
Do I have to enable some uae_ setting in config file to enable this? EDIT: Had missing uae_uaeboard = full+indirect config entry. Directory harddrives work now!
I'm almost a but surprised that it work without modifications (also uaegfx in OS4.1FE), great work @toni -And thanks for testing.

Originally Posted by BastyCDGS View Post
Just tested the commit and it works for me even with 1080p resolution on Workbench! Great! Note that I have a graphics_card_memory = 16 in the config file. Might be the issue for you! EDIT: Tested uaegfx now with OS4.1FE, too. Works also in 1080p now! Excellent work!
Hmm, strange, it works for me up to about 1920x1020x32, and I supposedly have 16 MB graphics memory. Strange, but will investigate further. Are you sure you get full HD @32-bit color?

Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
32bit works for me up to 1344x1080. 4k res crashes (not useful anyway). But I miss 1080p resolution. Where does uaegfx get the available resolutions from?
Mostly hard-coded in FS-UAE. But I always add the native fullscreen resolution (and the window resolution you started FS-UAE with). I'll add 1920x1080 to the list of built-in resolutions so it's always available (when I get it to work again).
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