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My Crap

This is a list of the immediately accessable stuff from the loft that is salvageble. Aside from the slight grey mould on some items they should be perfectly scannable. Also, a lot of these came from an ex-computer games shop so have never been played (Elastic bands intact

But the damp could have bust the whole lot for all I know.
If anything / everything is wanted I'll mail it to Fiath.

I have tons of coverdisks AF/AUI mainly so I'll check them over too.

All games PAL/UK unless indicated.

Complete boxed (Most never run ex-retail, only the faint grey mould
Batman (The Movie) / Ocean
Battle Isle / UbiSoft
Body Blows / Team 17 (Not 1.1 update)
Clue, The / Neo [AGA]
D-Day - The Beginning of the End / Impressions (1994)
Detroit / Impressions (1994)
Dune II / Virgin (1992) - Box damaged on one side, not mirror image
Exile / Audiogenic
Football Glory/ Black Legend
K240 / Gremlin
KickOff 2 + WC '90 / Anco
On The Ball - World Cup Edition / Ascon
Populous II / Bullfrog
Sim City / Maxis
Skidmarks + Super Skidmarks Update / Acid Software [OCS/AGA]
Subwar 2050 / Microprose
Super Street Fighter II / Capcom (1995)
Test Match Cricket / Challenge
Worms / Team 17
Zool / Gremlin

Boxed Collections / ReReleases
2 x Award Winners (Lemmings / Civilization / Frontier) / Empire
Classic Collection Adventure (MI/Indy/Loom/Zak/MM)
Greatest, The (Jimmy White's / DUNE / Lure of the Temptress)
UFO Enemy Unknown / PowerPlus Microprose
Fields of Glory / Powerplus Microprose

Dupes (More than one set of disks)
Sim City
Kick Off 2
Award Winners

Wordsworth 3 + 5 upgrade
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