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After two days I have made some new missing Things...

**** Star Rated

Astatin from Tale Software - Box, Disk, Manual
Casino Games from Sean - Another Release from Sultan Software
Cybersphere/Cybersphere Plus - The Collection from Nordlicht
Math Talk Fractions from First Byte - Very rare US Version V1.0 Box with another Diskscan from 1987
The Version which is in HOL is Version 2.0 from 1988 - Box, Disk, Manual Cover, Advertise, Screens
Sky Fighter from Softgold/Rainbow Arts - Box, Disk, Mnuals
Halley Project from Mindscape - missing Disk Scan

Rare Zeppelin GOLD EDITION from Ikarion which included a full Soundtrack Audio CD and Ikarion Sticker

*** Star Rated

DragonScape from Free Spirit Wicked - Box , Disk, Manual
Leaderboard Tornament from Access - Box, Disk, Manual
Kid Talk from First Byte - Box, Disk, Manual, Reg Card, Screens
Speller Bee from First Byte - Box, Disk, Manual , Screens
Luxor from SW Horizon Wicked - Box Disk, Manual, Screens
Moonbases from Alive, Box, Disk, Manual
Sorcery + from Virgin - Box, Disk, Manual
Time Runner from Red Hat - Box, Disk , Manual
Xtreme Racin Data Disk from Black Magic - Box
Topografie Nederland - Box; Disk
also Putter AGA boxed Edition, with Disk and CD, Poster and Manual
and CDS Collection CD - Box, Disk and new informations, because there are 15 Games not 2 Games on this CD.

New entries...
Ten On Ten Collection from Almatera - It is a 10 CD Compilation which included CDTV Team Yankee
The Puzzle Storybook from First Byte - Disk, Screens Manual Cover (Box is missing)
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