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You can use ComKeyRemapper to remap the Amiga keys to alt/shift:

This utility remaps right command key (sometimes referred as Amiga key or GUI key) to left command key, to left or right shift key, or to left or right alt key.

Command line options are:
LCOMMAND/S - remap right command key to left command key (default)
LSHIFT/S - remap right command key to left shift key
RSHIFT/S - remap right command key to right shift key
LALT/S - remap right command key to left alt key
RALT/S - remap right command key to right alt key

When running under Kickstart 1.3 or older command line options are not available and it always defaults to map left command as right command key.

To install copy ComKeyRemapper.ppc (MorphOS) or ComKeyRemapper.68k to C:. To start program automatically on every boot you must edit your User-Startup. You can add something like below:

Run >NIL: C:ComKeyRemapper <>NIL:

(If you are using Kickstart 1.3 or older there is no User-Startup file and you must edit your Startup-Sequence file.)

(( Btw also nice is when only is one Windows button, use Akeys to have left/right Amiga on same Windows button ))
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