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Okay, here is some better info:

Beast 1 & 2: whenever IFW feels like writing a tool that can compare the disks. Not trivial, and not important right now. Besides there will be no guarantee that they are ok, even if the disks are the same... Early Psy games do not check EDC, though some of them do have checksums at least on the disk.

Manic Miner: unfortunately it is your dump that tells us to wait for
more dumps on this

KGS: 1.5bit mfm encoding. See "Psygnosis Recording Format" - We could release it as a quick hack, but we'd prefer real support.

James Pond: Atari unsupported, will be supported sometime, still around 100 Atari dumps to get IFW started.

Zany Golf: may not not be duplicated, alt dumps are needed.

Populous: all valid revisions are out since march even with scans. Did I not give you them?

Dumping a game does not equal having it preserved.
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