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Psygnosis are well known to us for their *completely stupid* duplication practices. Basically, almost any game published by Psygnosis and you can almost guarantee they they never bothered to have a verify phase on the duplication process to cut costs. Maybe FromWithin can tell us more on this, but the amount of games with mastering errors from them kinda tells us they didn't know they some of the games they put out had errors. (even when many of the disk formats they used gave them integrity info! - they just didn't check it)

Beast I & II certainly has us foxed yes. But if IFW can't find integrity info on something, I would be pretty confident in saying that it probably doesn't have any.

Not having integrity info on a disk is very bad idea, and shows that the people responsible actually didn't know what they were doing. If they did not have to do any recalls - they were lucky.

Manic Miner - has integrity info
KGS - has integrity info (but some unsupported format)
James Pond - has integrity info (but Atari track not supported yet)
Populous - has integrity info
Zany (what?) - not seen this personally

Basically, much of the integrity info found the game itself doesn't even use (go figure... ) but if the duplicator machine couldn't verify it, well... you are going to get problems eventually.
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