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Is it just me or is HRTMon very buggy?

Under the basic vanilla A1200 quickstart option with HRTMon attached at least, I tend to find it suffers from memory leak problems where doing a handful of value searches and browsing through values with 'm' eventually causes the screen to completely garble in and out, rendering it unuseable. This never happens with ARIII on an A500, and I'm willing to believe that AR1200 is essentially the same thing as HRTMon, only in black. I'm not sure if the problem only happens when browsing the memory of specific titles (I was attempting to look at Aladdin earlier, if that helps).

This is with WinUAE 2.3.2, using the built-in HRTMon, with only the most basic of A1200 setups (2Mb RAM, no extensions, stock quickstart configuration). If you need me to provide anything else like my actual config file or a detailed log, let me know.
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