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Smile You're doing better than me...

I can't even get my version to load, it gives me the error:

exception "illegal instruction" ($10) at $80000 occurred

I have many ADF versions of this game (i got the tosec collection torrent with 17GB worth of ADFs) so i havnt exhausted all of the versions with the WHDload installer. Ive tried one copy and it just failed miserably but theres about 3 other sets so im gonna try that now and see if i can get a working copy of this game under winuae. Ive still got the original wizkid box around from years ago, but theres no disks unfortunately otherwise id be laughing.

ATM i've got a copy that claims to be installed and fixed by Galahad of Fairlight. These guys never screwed up floppy stuff so i trust that the WHDloader works. Im hoping my A1200 hard drive arrives tomorrow so i can see if its just an emulator bug or not.

If i get a copy to work i will try your setup and see if i get sound problems but im thinking that setup is a bit overkill for wizkid? Perhaps it could be simplified, it might help.

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