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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
In FileZilla:

Go to File Menu, "Site Manager". Click "New Site" and then name it, and populate it with the Host: Logon type Normal, add your User/Pass if you have them (you should be eligible for a personal login). In the Transfer settings tab, set Maximum number of connections to 2.

Then just click Connect. FileZilla will remember your login. Then browse away on the right-hand pane. Any downloads will go to the left hand pane.

It's a treasure trove.
Slight correction; set Maximum number of connections to 1 and not 2.

Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
Okay thanks. Got filezilla client running and accessing the ftp database ok now. Dodgy as though. It warns you of potential interceptions and attacks from outsiders through it! I didn't need to set up an account it seems. It seems to have simply accepted my login credentials for this site. Is that correct?
You'll definitely need to setup an account.

You may at the moment be using a anonymous one that has restrictions i.e. only 50k download speed and only 20 anonymous accounts at once.

To setup an account read here:

Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
I tried installing the server version too, but it cluttered my laptop with stuff which i didnt ask for, or want, so that bugger got uninstalled and all its changes undone again. So without that, i cant upload. Sorry. (That looked even harder to set up!)
Filezilla will get updated every so often so will download a new installation file. You just run this and all ok.

Never seen it cluttering my laptop with rubbish. After installation you just delete the update file.

As for uploading on the "Amiga File Server", it's very simple. Once you create an account you have a directory under ~Uploads e.g.

You just upload any stuff to your home directory.

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