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Originally Posted by bplcon0 View Post
I'm learning ARexx and need some help with a script.

I would like to get the current number of rows and columns of the Shell window where it is running on. I'm trying issuing a Window Status Report to the console. Something like:

WSR = '9B'X || '36'X || '6E'X
That alone doesn't work, at least not with the regular CON: handler of the operating system. You also need to switch CON: to the raw mode, which I would not know how to do from ARexx. The CON: handler does not answer reports in cooked mode, or rather, it swallows what the console-device sends instead of forwarding them.

This *would* work with ViNCEd which also sends the report in the cooked mode. I would there open a channel to the file "*", and read and write from this file instead of working with "say".
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