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Csound 3.481 on m68k

After hours of searching for any old sources of csound I found 3.481 - an early linux port. The aminet version of csound is a version 1 binary with fewer opcodes than this version.

It always irked me that the csound devs dropped m68k support. Csound has been through version 4 and now is at version 5 (6 is along the way). Later versions include interfaces to the python language.

Anyway I have got 3.481 to compile with gcc 2.95.3 and am currently testing 060, 030 and 020 versions. Some things aren't working, like saving to wav - saving to aiff works fine tho.

For any that are interested check to find out waht this amazing music language can do.

After testing, I may package this up and stick up on aminet and work on a version 4 binary.


P.S. mods if this is in the wrong section, pls. move
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