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Originally Posted by chip View Post
Hope i will explain well

Some modules can be the result of an imported Protracker module

For example Amos Music Bank can be created in this way

Exist other formats which work the same way ?
Amos Music Bank is imported Noise Tracker module, because AMOS replay routine is for Noise Tracker (can even handle "Restart" parameter that doesn't exists in ProTracker, but can't handle finetunes and other ProTracker improvements).

Sure, you can find some fomrats that are result of importing ProTracker module (or converting it) - like The Player 6.0a which is prepared/converted/packed ProTracker module to use in demos etc.

Many other trackers can import MOD format - FT2, DigiBoosterPro, ScreamTracker etc. But results may be not 100% accurate (mostly because wrong import procedure). I personally found few of my modules shared as other format (s3m or dbm, while original it was multichannel mod). The best is to use original module format (except Amos Bank which literally contains module in original form and only adds his own header).
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