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Originally Posted by remax View Post
A little report from my first hours of trying your great collection.

Overall, the experience has been really great. Everything is already well configurated and then following your tutos, i could easily change some small things to my preference (floppy sound mainly).
Thank you for your initial feedback

Originally Posted by remax View Post
I made my 4 years old daughter play a bit of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Island and she enjoyed it a lot.

A small thing abour Rainbow Island : i may i missed something but it seems that the "chose your start level" is kinda broken as after beating the first level, i went back to the start of this same level (i made another loop to check and it was the same thing).
But perhaps it's me not doing the right thing.

The trainer is a really useful thing to allow my daughter to enjoy the game, but if you come across a better trainer, it would be great to fix it.
There are numerous threads on EAB about bad cracks of this game. Too lazy at the moment to search though...

As far as I remember, the version I use is the only 100% completable one without issues.

Re: the level select not working correctly; to be honest I've never really tested that.
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