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Relative paths in FS-UAE / CD32 config file not working

I use my config files on a few systems, and I've used relative paths for WHDLoad zips, for example

hard_drive_0 = ../../hd/zips/
I can't get the same configuration to work with zipped up isos, eg

amiga_model = CD32
[Doesn't work]
cdrom_drive_0 = "../../../Amiga_CD32_TOSEC_2009-04-18/Games/Chuck Rock (1994)(Core)[!].zip"

[Does work]
cdrom_drive_0 = C:\Emulators\Amiga\Amiga_CD32_TOSEC_2009-04-18\Games\Chuck Rock (1994)(Core)[!].zip
This is in Win10. Any idea?
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