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Simple rule: Use IDE or SCSI only when you need to replicate real hardware configuration, for example when creating HD for your real hardware.

UAE is faster and supports all "modern" features that IDE lacks without patches (Most important feature is full 64-bit addressing support = >4G drives work without silent data loss due to 32-bit wraparound)

I think OPs problem is missing RDB mode detection without RDSK identifier at the beginning of the hardfile. Sectors == heads = 0 should enable RDB mode, with or without identifier. (I thought this code was in common filesystem part?)

Old style partition hardfiles don't allow Direct SCSI (that hdtoolbox uses) because it does not make any sense.

EDIT: There is also one another IDE "problem": There are many misnamed rom files and most AF roms are A4000-only or don't have scsi.device included at all = you will get bug reports because ROM does not match with hardware. (A1200 IDE only works with A1200 ROM and so on)

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