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Thank You for testing.
"I need the input."- Dr. Evil

Winuae and amos pro 2 with exact timing, no extra speed for df0: and close to the real hw as possible. (A500, A1200, k1.3...k3.1)
The funny thing is that everything is working as an angel on hdd when I messing with the files behind the back of winuae ( I made the file exist or not by rename it under windows).
But when I do the test (compiled and without the messing) on df0, the file will allway exist with -1 once been found, even if I change the disk and the volume name is different. The problem is when I want to use files on a previous disk.
... I will paste the code I used here when I am home.
And I am here.

Screen Open 0,352,288,16,Lowres : Screen Display 0,,,320,256
Hide On : Curs Off : Flash Off : Cls 0 : Ink 7,0



Screen Swap
For S=0 To 31 : Screen Offset 0,0,S : View : Wait Vbl : Next S
Repeat : View : Wait Vbl : Until Key State(64)
For S=0 To 31 : Screen Offset 0,0,31-S : View : Wait Vbl : Next S
Screen Offset 0,0,0 : View : Wait Vbl

Cls 0,0,256 To 320,288
Trap Load Iff CURFILE$
If Errtrap=81 or FE<>-1
Text 16,268,"Insert DISK "+CURFILE$+" and Press SPACE"
Gosub INFO
Goto LS
End If
Text 16,268,"Flag for file -"+CURFILE$+": "+Str$(FE)
Text 16,280,"Error trap -"+CURFILE$+": "+Str$(Errtrap)
Gosub INFO


The source abowe was the test program I used.
I spent weeks search to find a solution, and when I ask for , the (SIMPLE!) code suddenly works without alteration.

It must be sorcery!

Thank's for everyone


I know what sorcery caused the problem.
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