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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
There's at least one OCS/ECS demo that detects AGA and displays "No AGA allowed" if it finds it

Yeah, i remember that one, dont know what demo it was tho. (getting old)

Originally Posted by Matt_H View Post
Maybe it needs the faster throughput of AGA rather than the expanded color palette? Does it use Kickstart 3.x features not present in 1.x or 2.x?

But even commercial publishers have overstated requirements on occasion. Dungeon Master II officially requires AGA but all it really needs is 2MB chip RAM. I'm guessing they found it easier to just say "AGA" instead of listing the very specific expansion requirements for lower-spec machines. Even A3000s aren't 100% guaranteed to have 2MB chip RAM.
It´s possible that it needs Kickstart 3.0+, but i did not tried that. My A600 is closed and stay closed and i only use (have) the 3.1 Rom in WinUAE, same as in my Amiga600.
The Demo is exactly the same, graphics and speedwise, no matter if AGA or ECS.

But yeah, back in the days there where also a few "AGA games" that wherent AGA at all.
Jungle Strike or Dungeon Master II comes to mind

Anyhow, i still find this interesting.
If i would have the the time i would go through all the AGA Demos that dosent look
AGA and try them with a 2MB-Chip 68020 Amiga

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