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Originally Posted by Vesuri View Post
It can be run from a shell, preferably using the provided runner script. When the user selects the applcation to be started from the menu, the menu generates a script which will run the selected application using WHDLoad. After this the menu itself exits and the runner script runs the generated script. This way the menu itself is not in memory at all when WHDLoad is started, leaving the maximum amount of contiguous memory available for WHDLoad.
Interesting. I presume memory flush is done by WHDLoad during start up as well. Can this be modified to say run in reduced bitplanes? This way the games needing the extra bytes will work as the menu itself does not need and more than 2 colours yet this will offer maximum RAM availability for WHDLoad. I've successfully booted many games that needed additional RAM by running from shell in reduced bitplane eg via add21k.
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