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Hi indigolemon

You ask a fair question, but yes I was power cycling properly.
Shutting down via the software and then once has shut down, using the power button
on the dedicated "clicker" button that came with my Pi 4

I hadnt re-flashed the SD card before I posted this. but I thought that would mask
the problem and I wouldnt learn anything (about the issue, or how to fix it).

10. Since then, I wiped, the SD card, and re-flashed it via etcher once more.
The issue remains, same as before, the Pi boots, gets to the Pimiga splash screen
and then either gets the Guru Meditation, or hangs, or reboots.

I've just bought some 32 GB and 128 GB, micro SD cards (and am awaiting delivery)
So I can test it again once they arrive.
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