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Question [Solved] PiMiga 1.5 > Guru Meditation errors at boot >

Hi there guys.

I was hoping that you could shed some light on an issue for me please

I've just obtianed the absolutley aweseome Pimiga 1.5 package for my Raspberry Pi 4.

I imaged the sd card with etcher (on linux)
I copied accross my ROMs to the Kicks folder

Things worked brilliantly, for about 30 mins.
I played a couple of games (quickly as a test)
Opened a couple of apps / programmes - They all opened and worked properly.
Everything seemed to be working well.

I was going to have a go on a few more games, and I wanted to use my
X-Box (360 ?) wired gamepad.

I plugged it in to one of the USB ports on the Pi, (It wasnt recognised which I was half expecting).
I then turned off the Pi. re-insterted the gamepad and rebooted,
I got to the Pimiga desktop, but the gamepad still wasnt recognised.

I performed another powercycle, with the gamepad attatched
and then I stared to get the Guru meditation errors when trying to boot
into the main Pimiaga desktop (see trouble shooting steps below for error).

Trouble shooting:
01. The Pi will boot.
02. Get a basic text screen that scrolls with some device info
03. Displays the "Rainbow" box for 0.5 secs
04. Displays the Pimiga 1.5 splash screen

05. Then I get a nice big honking Guru meditation error
and the screen hangs (see error message below)

06. I can hit F12 and get into the config screen for UAE
I can then restart or quit the programme, and either drop into the CLI
or restart the "Amiga" from the UAE config screen.

07. If I restart the "Amiga", I get back to the splash screen.
and I'll either get the Guru meditation error or I'll sometimes get into
a WB screen (but its massivley corrupt and the screen resolutions and
dimesions are warped.

But I cannot get back into the main Pimiaga Amiga desktop anymore

08. I've tried booting both with and without the gamepad attached
and neither works, I get the Guru meditation error message

09. I've ran a FS check using both (G-Parted & K-Partion manager)
on the boot and kicks partitions on the sd card.

However, I'm getting some strange results -

G-Parted is throwing out some errors (see bottom of this post)
However G-Parted has been twitchy for a while now, when trying to perform
FS checks on (Non-Linux) based FS - So I'm not entirley convinced that
there are any FS errors. (But I've included them for completeness)

K-Partition manager scans the FS and comes back clean with no errors
on the FS or partitions.

Device: Raspberry Pie 4 (4GB RAM)

OS: Pimiga 1.5 lite version (32 GB)

Guru meditation error codes
Error: 8000 0004 Task: 40401868

Host PC
OS: Linux - Ubuntu 18.04
DE: KDE version 5.12.9
Kernel: 4.15.0-140-generic

G Parted error message when trying to perform a FS check on the
"Boot" and "Kicks" partitions.

GParted 0.30.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid --enable-online-resize

Libparted 3.2

Check and repair filesystem (fat32) on /dev/sdh1  00:00:01    ( ERROR )
calibrate /dev/sdh1  00:00:00    ( SUCCESS )
path: /dev/sdh1 (partition)
start: 8192
end: 532479
size: 524288 (256.00 MiB)
check filesystem on /dev/sdh1 for errors and (if possible) fix them  00:00:01    
fsck.fat -a -w -v '/dev/sdh1'  00:00:01    ( SUCCESS )
fsck.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)
Checking we can access the last sector of the filesystem
Boot sector contents:
System ID "mkfs.fat"
Media byte 0xf8 (hard disk)
512 bytes per logical sector
512 bytes per cluster
32 reserved sectors
First FAT starts at byte 16384 (sector 32)
2 FATs, 32 bit entries
2064896 bytes per FAT (= 4033 sectors)
Root directory start at cluster 2 (arbitrary size)
Data area starts at byte 4146176 (sector 8098)
516190 data clusters (264289280 bytes)
32 sectors/track, 64 heads
0 hidden sectors
524288 sectors total
Reclaiming unconnected clusters.
Checking free cluster summary.
/dev/sdh1: 338 files, 94358/516190 clusters
grow filesystem to fill the partition  00:00:00    ( ERROR )
using libparted
libparted messages    ( INFO )
GNU Parted cannot resize this partition to this size. We're working on it!

TIA for any help or advice that you can provide.

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