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Originally Posted by logo View Post
Hello Toni !

First, I will never thank you and your team enough for giving us (Amiga community) a great version of King's Valley, wich is my All time, All platforms, favorite game.

I would like to ask you the status of your current version of KV. Is it over, or would you accept a few suggestions ?
Playability is excellent, however, in the sound department a few little things are lacking to reach the excellent MSX version's atmosphere.

I would be glad to give you more informations about that.

Hello Logo, sorry, the game is 100% finished and closed, the coder spend all the fuel on it.

As the game is completely playable, it is true that we missed small details on it. But we are very happy and proud to make the game like Konami would do.

The reason that the game got MSX SCC sound is because me, I get the SCC samples and Narcisound did a wonderful soundtrack with it. In my point of view, this kind of sound fits in the game perfectly, much better than trying to do with real instruments.
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