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Floppy disk Non-TOSEC database

Due to some unwanted variations on disks compared to an original material, some disks will not be integrated in TOSEC. These files are renamed according to the TNC but also include two additional flags CRC32 and status :

[ALT] : alternative disk to one already known in TOSEC whose alteration interest is null or almost
[NEW] : New and interesting disk. It could be integrated in TOSEC soon ... or not because I am not the only one to make decisions ;-)
[BAD] : Damaged disk/file, underdump, bad dump and all that kind of stuff
[RCH] : Disk awaiting repair or the discovery of a disk in better condition
[AWP] : Rare situation but it is a repaired disk, functional but some "holes" have not been filled to be identical to the existing version before the damage appeared...
[PENDING] : The value of this disk has not yet been determined due to lack of information or analysis on the specific case
[ZZZ] : Concerns mainly blank disks

Nothing is definitive of course and errors are possible so it may happen that some files go back and forth between TOSEC and Non-TOSEC (although I prefer to avoid this situation).

For the moment, this database is a bit of a catch-all, but for a few months now, I have been doing a classification similar to TOSEC, but it is too early to propose a cut-out database like TOSEC.

Please do not ask for a file, this is not a collection but a working database that I share with you because it also contains contributions from many people.

History :
Commodore Amiga - Non-TOSEC - [ADF] (v2020-07-31_CM) > 9.600 ADF
Commodore Amiga - Non-TOSEC - [ADF] (v2021-02-22_CM) > 11.368 ADF
Commodore Amiga - Non-TOSEC - [ADF] (v2021-03-20_CM) > 11.941 ADF
Commodore Amiga - Non-TOSEC - [ADF] (v2021-04-19_CM) > 12.591 ADF

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