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Originally Posted by Belgarath View Post
Meh, and if I'd looked a bit more carefully I would have seen the scans on mobygames... So, question remains, was it released or not? According to that article the CEO himself says it wasn't, and a boxed copy doesn't mean it was actually published.

Thoughts please?
Very honestly, they said that Nippon Safes was not officially sold out of Italy.
In reality, it was not true. Because Ubisoft was the distributor for the game.
Nippon Safes is a game easy to find, so there's no way only 1.000s of copies were sold. Much more were.

Very bizarre, it looks like the same case as turrican. you listen to the devs, they tell you it sold badly with 20.000 copies, and when you look on ebay or elsewhere, the game is common like mud ! Games that sold only 20.000 copies are not this easy to find. nevermind games sold 5.000 copies.

My guess very honestly ? The publisher and the distributor got their shit together at the expense of the developers. Like they sold 30-40.000 copies, and they come to the devs with : "look only 1.000 copies sold!, take your royalties!".
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