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Was Tube Warriors really released as a complete game?

I was searching for a fate of this game:

Tube Warriors from Dynabyte. The game seems to be complete, except there are no credits, I have no clue who the authors are.

Today (thanks to dlfrsilver) I came across this article:

And there is written:

After Nippon Safes Inc. and the changes in organisation, Dynabyte tried to further enlarge its portfolio by working on two drastically different experiences. The first was a one-on-one fighting title, Tube Warriors, exclusively developed for AGA Amigas.

It was, again, based in Japan, with all fights taking place in the underground (as the title might suggest), where the player must defeat all the leaders of the other rival gangs so as to take over their territory. Similarly to Fatal Fury, the characters can alternate between fighting in foreground and background. Costabel tells me it wasn’t a great idea, since the fighting genre wasn’t something they had experience with and, graphically, it didn’t really make full use of the power of AGAs. Bruno Boz told me it never seemed to work and was never published, with only a few test copies produced.
So shall the HOL status be "unreleased"?
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