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Here is the 2nd part of "Update Pack #25" which contains the following:

3 game updates:
... Battletoads
... Klondike Deluxe v2.1 [AGA]
... Klondike Deluxe v3.1 [AGA]

1 configuration rename:
... Mean 18 - Ultimate Golf & Course Disks.uae

10 new game additions:

Bank Buster.uae 
Battletoads SE   [modification].uae 
Black Dawn.uae 
Black Dawn II.uae 
Black Dawn III - Legions of Dawn.uae 
Black Dawn IV - Thunderdawn.uae 
Black Dawn V - A New Beginning REMIX.uae 
Black Dawn VI - Hellbound.uae 
Black Dawn VII - Champions of Dawn.uae 
This now brings the total number of games in my collection to 2800

PMs will be sent out shortly
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