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Well I must admit, this is probably the best game package on the internet for WinUAE by a huge margin.

DamienD has endeavoured to create something, that has now been released to the masses, that has taken him a minimum of a decade to create and months, if not the last year+, to add every screenshot that has been added to WinUAE’s new screenshot feature. His dedication to detail is quite something and determination to make sure each game runs flawlessly by tweaking WINUAE’s settings is quite a feat and probably challenging at times. His focus to create something so worthwhile and then release it to the wider community is absolutely commendable and by no means expected.

None of this could have been done without the help of Toni Wilen and WinUAE, so I think they also deserve to be mentioned, as without the new screenshot feature + the relentless additions and fixes and features that have been incorporated within WinUAE, DamienD’s package may have stayed a private affair.

Regardless of whether you’re new to WinUAE emulation, or have been using it since time began, this collection, or rather package, from DamienD is highly recommended, so if you’re a newbie or an elitist Amiga gamer this package is definitely for you.

If you want to be the best and have the best Amiga game collection known to man, then grab this package, “The DamienD Collection” I’d like to call it, but don’t forget to subscribe to this thread for any fixes, advice or additions so you can keep your collection up to date and bug free.

@ DamienD you sir deserve a Golden Amiga Award for you time, dedication and relentless work that you have done to make this collection available
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