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Update Pack #2 is now complete which contains the following since base release:

10 screenshot updates:
... 3D Pool
... Darkman
... Dragon's Lair - Escape from Singe's Castle
... Harlequin
... IK+
... Karate Master
... Light Racer
... Qix
... Rollerball
... Roton

20 new game additions which are as follows:

Archon - The Light and the Dark
Archon II - Adept
Blob Kombat [AGA]
Campaign - Tactical & Strategic War Simulation
Campaign II - 50 Years of Global Conflict
Conquest [AGA]
Defender (Acid)
Defender (Ratsoft)
DIG iT !!
Doktor [AGA]
Epsilon 9 - The Revenge of the Stingons
Ghost Chaser
Jouster 3
Starbase 13
Super Tetris
The Attack of the Green Smelly Aliens From Planet 27b-6
...just need to implement the "sniffer" protocol before giving to my EAB brothers / sisters; which will identify exactly who shares this with the torrent scumbags; thanks Malko for coding this

Finally, to kurwa1337 and all the other *haters* out there... if you are still reading this thread; you say *anybody could do all this in 2 weeks easy if they know how to use a computer*...

Yeah right, think again losers!!!
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