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Hi pellewolf!

Thanks for giving the shaders a try, FS-UAE has a good shader implementation, making it possible to port a variety of shaders which work as intended.

I will try to give some relevant feedback on your questions.

1. & 2. With 1080p you are good with these shaders and they (scanlines) don't require integer scaling. The catch is a clever solution came up with crt-geom, as i recall, to calculate the influence of a neighbour scanline too and it looks way better with non-integer scaling. But it's still an option for hardcore fans and only y-integer scale is really required. You might skip zoom and go with some overscan lol if games can take it.

What my config (for games) looks like:

keep_aspect = 1
line_doubling = 0
low_resolution = 1
shader = crt-easymode
Nothing special, got used to it lol.

...and which comes to question 3. - sure, no problem. Has tons of options and looks preety.
I hope it works out of the box.
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