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WinUAE destop window scaling

Hello. Brother JZon here. (WinUAE3.3,HP2000,Win8.0)

I can set WinUAE to open in a window of a size of my choosing, but it's not scaling to the size of the window. It's like a black border inside the window.

If I try full screen, I might can see maybe another row of icons, but there is still a big black border on all sides.

Is there a way to remove this?

Also, my chosen window size is 1360 x 590, my chosen Amiga desktop resolution size is 713 x 483. (in screen mode prefs)

Why would the destop page be bigger than (Windows) window if the window is 1360 x 590 and the Amiga desktop is 713 x 483?

It autoscrolls nicely, but I would like to get it centered with the full page showing.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated..

Thank you very much! JZonClick image for larger version

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