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Originally Posted by ant512
I think you're trying to say that you've created several HDFs, each one containing a single hard drive-installable game. You've installed the games into the WBStartup folder, so that they will load without you needing to click any icons.

The problem that you're having is that Workbench tells you that the game has not "returned". The solution is easy. You just need to add a new tooltype into the game's icon containing the command "DONOTWAIT".
Thats exactly it !!!!!!

You P*ss taking Ba****ds
Its been 5 years since i touched amiga startup sequence's and dabbled with workbench gimmie a break!! I have been mapping for Raven games since then.

That will solve all my problems thanks ( bloody Amiga ) j/k

PS.....And i was knackerd when i wrote that
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