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Originally Posted by White View Post
Currently it seems that in the configuration it is saved in the "Prometheus Matay" PCI devices and causes the block with red screen this must be deselected.
I don't know how to fix it this only happens with AmigaForever and its GUI.
Remember to use 64bit winuae to allocate more memory you can find it in the AmigaForever options

Hi Despite what I said I just tried another attempt and suceeded up to a point with a new install of OS4.1. I had it set to 512Mb and all was apparantly going well, however when I had completed the first OS updates and restarted the red screen re-appeared. Also the F12 key doesn't seem to bring up the winuae configure screen when the red screen is showing. Perhaps it's the configuration not being saved that is the problem.

I'll persevere for a bit longer. I don't like to fail if possible to avoid it.

Regards Steve
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