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FS-UAE does not find files with special characters

I originally wrote an Amiga program called % (yes, a percent mark) in the 1990s when I had a real working Amiga. Now, when I fired up FS-UAE and tried to run the program I was amazed to see that it was not there. The emulated Amiga shell reported that % was an unknown command and it did not show up in the directory listing.
That seemed strange, because it worked all OK on the real Amiga and the file is present in the host Linux system and Linux can find it all OK. Even vamos can run the program by cd:ing to its directory and typing "vamos %".
It turned out FS-UAE was not finding it specifically because it was named %. On the host Linux system, I made a copy of it with a more common name with "cp % percent" and sure enough, percent showed up in FS-UAE and FS-UAE was able to run it.
Is there something that prevents FS-UAE from finding files with special characters?
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