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Amiga 1200 + ACA1221lc + Indivision AGA MK3

I thought I would list this here first before putting it up onto eBay, I am selling off my Amiga 1200, it was recently recapped by an EAB member about 4 months ago, it has 3.1 rooms, ACA 1221lc, Indivision AGA MK3, internal GOTEK drive, custom 120volt power supply, a USB adapter + USB mouse, PCMCIA carder reader + 1GB CF card, internal 4GB CF drive and a mini audio mixer for the Amiga output. I am looking at £550 for the whole lot or am open to offers, shipping will depend on your location. Oh the case and keyboard have been retro brightened so it is a nice colour again. I will post photos tomorrow when I can dig out the Amiga.
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